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Welcome to "light on the lake retreat centre." It is our sincere wish that this Retreat Centre will be a peaceful healing refuge for people of all faiths and a place for learning. We are very fortunate to have such inspiring teachers coming to lead meditation retreats. Please see the UPCOMING retreats for the summer of 2016! If you are seeking to do a personal retreat whether it be an artistic journey, meditation with a particular focus, or just to heal through a difficult life transition Light on the Lake provides an ideal supportive environment. Jill Mackay, the Director and founder of Light on the Lake, is there to offer guidance for your retreat if needed, counselling when issues arise, and polarity healing energy touch sessions.

We hope you like our new web site which was created through the kindness and skill of Brian and his wife Laurie, an old yoga student from B.C. Please return for future updates.

Returning to Your Essence: A Retreat focused on Plant Medicine, Yoga and Meditation

the healing world of nature

August 25-27th

If we surrendered
to earth's intelligence
we could rise up rooted, like trees."
—Rainer Maria Rilke, Rilke's Book of Hours: Love Poems to God

You are warmly and enthusiastically invited to come on an adventure to deepen your connection to this beautiful earth we call home.

This weekend realize the stability of a mountain through yoga, the expansiveness of space with meditation and the interconnectedness of life through interacting with plant medicine.

During this retreat practice yoga, meditation and discover plant medicine to awaken the resiliency of your human spirit and inspire greater loving presence in your life.

This retreat will be an experience of receiving the goodness life has to offer while giving you an opportunity to deepen your understanding of your own personal gifts. The food will be delicious, the teachings meaningful and setting calming. For more information about the location of the retreat, please go to: Light of the Lake Retreat Centre.
Friday, August 25 to Sunday 27
Friday -
6:30 and 7:00 - Arrival and settling in
8-9 pm Opening Circle

Yoga and Tai chi at Body by Design in Shawville

Great news! We are pleased to announce that there will be yoga, taichi, and taichiyo classes at Body by Design Studio in Shawville. Please register by Jan. 6th. However even into the second week, there may be space for people who happen to learn about the classes late. Total Cost $95 for 10 weeks and classes begin Jan. 10th.

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30 pm
Thursdays 9:30-10:30 am (this class is filling up so register soon!)

Tuesdays 4:15-5:15 pm
Thursdays 12:15-12:55 pm

Thursdays 10:45-12 pm

Hatha Yoga (all levels)
Tuesdays 5:45-7:00 pm

To register please email Jill and she will send a registration form. It will be much appreciated if you preregister by dropping off your postdated cheque or cash at Serenity Spa in Shawville. Looking forward to sharing these wonderful healing arts with you!

Healing Retreats with Jill Mackay and Wendy Stashick

Healing Retreats with Jill Mackay and Wendy Stashick: spring, summer and fall (dates to be determined). Due to popular demand, we are now having these retreats several times a year. The retreat runs from Friday at 5 pm to Sunday at 3 pm. A healing retreat heals on all the levels of one's being: physical, mental, emotional, intellectual. The purifying yoga practice, meditations and guided visualizations work to balance all four levels. You will learn "tonglen" meditation on compassion practice with Wendy then move freely to the beat of Jill's drum on the Saturday evening to clear negative feelings that we cling to. On Sunday the focus is on learning how to heal the past and work with forgiveness. Those moments of inner quiet you experience will help you to have the courage to see and have compassion for yourself and others. Sometimes  there's cleansing laughter, somethimes tears of release and then ahhh a lovely mindful walk around the lake with Wendy!  

Wendy Stashick

Lama Lhanang

Lama Lhanang , a revered Tibetan Buddhist Teacher/Artist/Doctor has given spring/fall retreats at Light on the Lake over the past two years.  There is a tentative plan to host a retreat in the fall of 2013. Venerable Lama Lhanang is a Tibetan Buddhist dedicated to world peace and the protection of the environment. He serves as the spiritual guide and visiting teacher for Wisdom Path Centers throughout the U.S., Mexico, Europe, Asia and Canada. He shares teachings from an unbroken lineage in a way that is fresh, cross-cultural and current in these times. For further information check or his website  

Children's Programmes

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